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The easiest and most complete property management software on the market


Your Complete Property Management Software Solution

Rentger Property Manager is designed for property, farm and rental managers who want to automate, modernize and grow their business. Whether you manage multi-family, single-family, residential, student, residential, condominium or commercial properties, or perhaps manage a mixed portfolio, our all-in-one cloud-based solution has features created specifically for you, so you can streamline your workday and focus on your bottom line.

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Rentger is an easy-to-use online property management software

Tracking rents and expenses, accounting, contracts, incidences, ... The different stages of the life of the rental contract are covered by Rentger.

Rentger automates the creation of your receipts and rental invoices ... For each rental contract, electronic rentals and receipts are automatically generated at the desired frequency.

The best software solution for the administration of properties and rents that helps you to make the most of your business


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